We are currently establishing an environment that enhances the experience of "Big Sky Montana", here on our Retreat for Warriors.  Our goal is to provide our visiting Warriors with the opportunity to rejuvenate their "Sense of Self-Worth, Sense of Purpose, and Sense of Community".  We aspire to do so by providing them with conservation oriented surroundings here at the Retreat.  In addition, we will provide the visiting Warriors with exposure to activities such as blacksmith crafts, wood work crafts, farming and ranching activities, and numerous other local community supported activities.  Our purpose is to Serve these Warriors in an empathetic manner, and provide them with the opportunity to begin, continue, and sustain a positive, productive, and prosperous lifestyle.  

The Mission of this Retreat is to serve those Warriors who served, and express our gratitude for their service.  That expression of gratitude is a service that creates an environment, and facilitates activities, that are structured to heal, rejuvenate, and motivate these Warriors to "Live".


Big Sky Beauty 

Located in the "Big Sky" State of Montana

​​​​​Rhone's Farm & Retreat LLC