A Warrior's transition from the battlefield / active military is not an easy task.  It leaves an emptiness that is best articulated as follows; Each Warrior experiences a degree of Loss of self-worth (rank), loss of a sense-of-purpose (occupational specialty), loss of community (Unit).  The greatest loss is that of a brother or sister in arms and the mere sense of still being alive can be an overwhelming challenge as well.  

This Retreat serves as a unique resource to addressing those four very specific challenges a Warrior is confronted with (sooner or later).  

Mission Support Activities

We are a solution oriented Retreat that provides Coaching, Mentoring and Advocacy for Warriors


Skill Set Introduction

We introduce Warriors to the essential skillsets needed in a farm and ranch setting 

Our goal is to provide each Warrior with a wholesome, conservation oriented environment.  The intent is for the environment to be conducive to the healing, rejuvenation, and motivation to action of each Warrior that we welcome to our Retreat.

Our Mission is to serve our Warriors / Clients in an empathetic, compassionate, and structured manner.  That service is focused on providing Warriors/ Clients with solutions for navigating a farm / ranch setting.

The purpose of this Retreat's existence, is to be a resource in the fight of "Suicide Prevention".   

OUR Retreat setting

Mission Summary

Farm / Ranch Site Observation and Practical Application

Warriors are provided the opportunity to use their foundational skill set of assess, adapt, and overcome in a farm / ranch setting.

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